Bed Wetting Solutions for Your Toddler

While it might not bother infants, toddlers might feel a little bit ashamed when they wake up everyday to a wet bed and pants.

They might want to help it but they simply cannot. And so every morning, they are a little bit self conscious of the wetness surrounding their crotch.

At times, they might want to blame their siblings saying that they are responsible for not only wetting the shared bed but also wetting their clothes.

And so it becomes drama after drama.

Every single day.

Parents though can take control of things by doing the following:

  • No drinks after 3.00pm

Drinks such as coffee, tea, juice and water should be taken in high quantities during the day and avoided anytime from 3.00pm.

While the kid might demand that you serve them a cup of tea because daddy is also taking it at 9.00pm, do kindly deny them while explaining why you are doing it.

  • Good absorbent pull ups

If you have thrown the towel and let nature take its course, then do not simply give up. Your kid still deserves a fighting chance. They also want their confidence intact and were they to wake up to a dry bed and pants, they would surely be really jolly.

What about getting them some high absorbent overnight pull up pants. One cool thing about these pull ups for heavy wetters is that they do not feel like diapers. Neither do they look like pee absorbency products.

So your child is going to be sleeping peacefully, wetting the bed nonchalantly and waking up to a dry bed. They will not feel at all embarrassed in the morning.

And what’s more? The pull up resembles a pant so they will feel like big boys and girls who have overgrown the diaper.

  • Bathroom visit just before bed

Just before your child goes to bed, encourage them to visit the bathroom to pee so that they have an empty bladder just before they retire to bed. While some people say that the kid should be taken for bathroom breaks in the midst of their sleep, health experts have said that this is not okay as it encourages the kid to continue relieving their bladder while still sleeping.

This would not contain the bed wetting habit.

  • Be encouraging and do not punish

Kids do not urinate on the bed out of their own volition.

It just happens and everyone has been there.

You too were a bed wetter.

So, everytime your kid does not wet the bed, encourage them and be their number one fan. And what about when they wake up to a wet bed? Encourage them still. Tell them that you too were there and they will surely get out of it.


How to choose the best cabin tents with screened porch

Camping can be an excellent distraction from the usual family routine of trips abroad and sandy beaches. For an out of the world camping experience, you will need the right tent to suit all of your needs.

The reason campers prefer cabin tents is that they have walled structures that look like a cabin for ultimate privacy and space. The tents are generally comfortable, and they offer enough space to allow you to walk freely in the tent.

Why you should get a cabin tent with a screened porch

Cabin tents with screened porches are very versatile, and they come in various designs. These tents usually have a floor area that prevents rain from running on the ground to your sleeping areas. They also provide enough space for kids to play in as well as a storage area for your equipment.

Imagine spending some quality time on a porch over a fizzy drink in the summer or warm cocoa over the winter? The screened porches are more enjoyable because they provide space for you and your loved ones to bond away from the irritating mosquito attacks. Screened porches are made using mesh, which translates to additional airflow for optimum comfort.

Things to consider when choosing a cabin tent with screened porch

When you are out selecting a tent, the following are some of the factors you should keep in mind:

Large size

To get the right cabin tent, you will need to know how many people will be using it. Luckily, cabin tents are widely available, making it easy for you to choose the right size as per your needs.  They are roomy enough to accommodate a large family, as well as your gear.

 If you need separate rooms, the cabin tent will offer you all the privacy you need. Space allows you to enjoy spending time inside the tent. Besides this, consider the height to avoid stooping when you are walking around. 

Easy Set up

Cabin tents are large and bulky; however, they should be easily portable.  A tent that is easy to set up reduces the amount of time you use up and the trouble of transporting it.


The fabric should be water-resistant and well-sealed to avoid water leaks. Canvas material is hardwearing and thus very suitable and long-lasting. The canvas tents are a little more costly than tents made from other materials, but their durability makes them worth every penny.

Protection from elements

The whole point of getting a tent is to ensure that you get a taste of the outdoors while protected from natural elements such as wind rain, thunder, and wind.  You will need to select a good quality cabin tent that offers you and your loved ones enough protection.


When looking for the best cabin tents with screened porches, you will need to consider all that you want your tent to provide.  For the camping enthusiasts, getting a cabin tent with a screened porch is important. The above-detailed factors should help you find the perfect fit for your needs.


Toilet Paper Sprays are the new Wet Wipes

I do not know how many times I will have to say this but am ready to continue yapping and yapping till the end of time; toilet paper will never wipe your bum really well. Not unless you use some toilet paper moisteners or a bidet to do a thorough job. But if you continue insisting on toilet paper then you are in for a rude shock. The only thing that you will continue singing about is how chaffed your bum is. How you got some painful anal fissures and bruises or even talk of that UTI that you have been taking meds for without things improving.

Well, if you are looking for better things, then you need to think about things such as wet wipes. But the case of wet wipes is another. While most are labeled as flushable, they are only flushable in theory. As in out of sight and out of mind. But the next thing you will be witnessing is usage of too much water trying to unclog your sewer system or calling plumbers to come and fix your mess.

Very few flushable wipes do indeed disintegrate and even when they do so, it is slowly.

I also advocate for toilet bidets whether portable or otherwise although most Americans have been so preoccupied with the idea of toilet paper that they see bidets as a more Eastern thing to be practiced by Japanese, Indians and Chinese. But I have never heard these bidet users complain of chaffing, fissures or UTI. So I leave you to be the judge on what is better between use of bidet and dry toilet paper.

But things are not that bad for Americans. They can still redeem themselves as the civilized people of the United States of America by adopting toilet paper sprays. What toilet paper sprays do is that they moisten your toilet paper so well so that it feels like your normal wet wipe. And the good thing is that the toilet paper is still flushable.

Toilet paper sprays, gels or mists as they are called are made with natural ingredients that are hypoallergenic and would not irritate your bum skin. Some of ingredients include: witch hazel, coconut oil, aloe Vera and glycerin.

You need to apply a thin film of the gel lest the paper becomes too soggy and you end up touching your poop. At the same time, you should be using high quality toilet paper such as charmin or cottonelle that have been found to be thick and good to use. Otherwise low quality toilet paper will only disappoint you.

How to use the toilet paper spray

  • Wipe your bum normally with toilet paper
  • Fold a few pieces of TP and apply a thin film of the spray
  • Use it to wipe your bum and you are good to go.

Choosing the right golf grip is an art that Every Golfer Need to Master

People pay so much attention to other things about golf and fail to capture one very important thing; the golf grip which can either make or break your play. Size is the most important aspect that you need to look at even before you go to the aesthetics, performance or even comfort.  Take an improper fit and it will cost you three to five strokes every round that you play. And when you have impeccable players to battle with, you can imagine how behind this sets you every time. Pick a small size and you will find yourself somehow pulling the ball as well as using some extra action so as to hit the target and push the ball. Pick an extra-large grip and things are no better; you will be limiting wrist pronation and you will be pushing your shots rather too far.

Other than grip material, other factors that you should pay attention to include:

  • Grip material

When you talk about grip material, you have either rubber or sythentic material to choose from. When picking the best golf grips material, you want something that is durable and that is going to give you some true value for your money, don’t you? You do not want a grip material that is going wear out easily necessitating that you go again to your golf stores to buy yet another grip, do you?

If you are playing in humid areas or let’s say that you are the sweaty hands type, then you will also want a grip that has a weave where you hold it firmly without it slipping away. It could also be giving you that tacky, firm grip so that the humidity does not make you lose out on shots.

  • Surface texture and are you wearing some golf gloves?

When it comes to the texture of your golf grip, you want something that is not too smooth that it is slipping away and at the same time, you do not want one that is too coarse and abrasive that you can feel it almost cutting into your palm. But if you have some golf gloves, then the whole narrative changes. I would advise that you take up some rough textured grip because with your equally good gloves, you are not going to feel any discomfort while holding it and at the same time, you have that tacky, abrasive grip that the tough texture provides you with.

  • Firmness of the grip

The grip firmness plays a key role in giving you traction over your game. Too firm though might be uncomfortable and as such you have to strike a balance between the firmness and the performance of the grip. Basically, there are three choices that you pick from

1. A soft grip is what most beginners want. It is soft on their wrists and therefore comfortable. It will not however give you good traction on the game and you could find yourself losing just because you are not on top of your game.

2. The medium grip is the most common among most people who know the importance of striking a good balance between comfort and performance.

3. The firm grip is mostly for people who are playing in rather damp places, humid or have sweaty arms and want a very tacky grip without caring about the discomfort that this might cause.


Speech Skills for Nonverbal Kids on the Autism Spectrum

When I was watching Atypical, the movie that I have reviewed in this post,  I noticed that Sam Gardner, the main character, could have at one time proved to be nonverbal and his parents did everything that was in their power to change this. There is this scene where the mother and father are going through stuff they have kept and the mother says that she is giving out his toddler play things. And then she fishes out what looked to me like MK feelings card that are usually bought for nonverbal autistic kids. And it gets me really thinking. Could the Sam Gardner who is portrayed as an autistic savant owing to his brilliance in school have been nonverbal in his formative years? What with his brilliance in biology, immense knowledge about penguins and the Arctic and all that? It really got me thinking!

Anyway, the scene is also testament that when you find that your autistic child is not talking, it is not the end of life. Actually, it could mean the start of so many things. The only thing that you need is to brace yourself and be ready to work really hard to get the kiddo speaking. You also need to think about investing in toys that will help the kid with verbal skills. Also think of taking the kid to a speech therapist as well as an occupational therapist who will help them with gaining communication and social interaction skills as well as assessing the needs and talents of the child so that you can then get them adaptive tools to help them.

Speech skills for autistic kids

  1. Though you will be buying audio toys for the kids, you need to have them removed off their batteries so that the kid can learn how to imitate the sounds of the toy and therefore learn verbal skills in this way.
  2. As much as the kid is not speaking, take them to places where there are other kids who are chatting animatedly. Caution though should be taken lest there is too much auditory stimulation that could cause the child get a meltdown. In such cases, you need to get them some earmuffs that reduce the noise. The social gathering would however be key in fostering social interaction with the real world. Games can also be encouraged that allow for multiple players.
  3. Learning of words or sounds should be gradual. Be always patient with the kid even if you feel that they are just too slow in their learning. If you try to hurry them up, you might irritate them and they could turn aggressive which is not something that you would really entertain.
  4. Other than speech skills, kids on the spectrum have tactile needs. They want to feel senses. This can be addressed through weighted vests, sensory boards as well toys that involve their fine motor skills.

In the movie Atypical, I think what really stands out is the mother’s resilience. Well, she might have cheated and had sexual relations with that stoned bar guy, but you cannot blame her entirely for that. You also need to learn that Doug, the father, had actually evaded the home and left the family when he realized that nothing could be done to his autistic son. The mother was fast enough to start thinking about behavioral therapy and that is what sets Sam Gardner from the rest of sad autistic cases where parents do not intervene and are too scared when the diagnosis is read out. Through her resilience, hard work and sacrifice, the family stands. You should also notice that she is the one going to the support groups of parents with kids on the spectrum. Doug only comes later and actually does not even know about people language first. He refers Sam as an autistic child rather than a kid on the autism spectrum disorder.We cannot therefore hate her now that she went out of wedlock and had a thing with the bar guy.


Atypical: Netflix movie for Autism

I am a movie guy. Every weekend that I am able to be free, I make sure that I watch a movie. And what better way to spend a weekend than watch a movie about a topic that I am enthusiastic about. I have been working with autistic children at a special needs centre in Kenya and I have met so many kids who are on the autism spectrum disorder. So when the opportunity presented itself for me to watch Atypical, I binge watched season 1 and shortly after watched season 2.

I am always late on movies. So I did not watch it when it was showing on the telly. No, I had to buy it from the movie guys in my area. So they recommend it to me knowing very well that I am interested in the topic. And that sees me watching it and I can now say that it is one of the best netflix movies on autism that you will ever land your hands on.

The movie involves a high school going kid, Sam Gardner who is on the spectrum. Sam is 18 years and has decided to start dating (as well as having sex). This makes the whole family transition as they all help Sam to get a girl.

Sam’s social interactional skills are bad. He had mind blindness and rarely empathizes with anyone. He will speak his mind and be so honest that at most times, it hurts.

Successes of the movie

The movie would help people who do not know about autism have a clue on it as well as understand those that are on the spectrum.

It encourages behavioral and speech therapy for people who are on the spectrum.

It is a story of resilience and persistence for both Sam and his parents.

It encourages fathers not to be absentee parents as this affects the growth of their kids. And in a case like that of Sam who has autism, we see how when Doug mans up, how the boy is able to transform

Failures of the movie

It is based on so many stereotypes on autistic people such as that they are non-empathetic and too honest, that they are savants who are so bright. It also uses Sam who is a highly functioning autistic kid. This is not always the case in many homes.

There is nobody who is autistic in the lead team of the series; neither the actors nor the directors.


Possible causes of urinary incontinence and how to live with it

Urinary incontinence is a condition whereby you are unable to control your bladder and so you urinate on yourself involuntarily. Normally, when urine flows from the kidneys to the bladder, the brain is supposed to be notified that your bladder is full and this makes you get an urge to go to the washroom in order to relieve it. However, people who have incontinence either do not get this message from the brain or they get it when it is too late. So in this article, we try to explore the possible causes of urinary incontinence.

1. Pregnant women who are almost giving birth may face urinary incontinence
When a woman is pregnant and almost due delivery, the foetus will exert lots of pressure on the muscles of the pelvic floor which decreases the volume of your urine bladder. This makes the woman have incontinence even before the brain can get a message that the bladder is full.

2. Obesity is a leading cause of incontinence
Just like pregnancy, obese people have extra weight exerting presure on the bladder which make its volume small so that they will pee even before the brain gets a message that the bladder is full. Weight loss has been found to modify this condition.

3. Lifestyle diseases such as diabetes
At its worst stage, diabetes numbs your nerves such that you never know when your bladder is full or not. Therefore, your brain never gets the message that your bladder is full and so you will be finding yourself peeing on yourself involuntarily.

Having to battle with urinary incontinence is a tough battle that needs resilience and creativity. It is really embarrassing and if you are not ready, you will have yourself battling with self confidence very soon. So the best way to battle urinary incontinence is to first accept that you have it and then seek medical intervention.

If the doctor says that the condition is permanent, then you better get acquainted with incontinence products as soon as possible that are going to make your life hassle free without you going around stinking of urine odor or wet on your pants.


Dude Wet Wipes

How I First Heard of Dude Wipes

A few days ago, my crush finally agreed to a dinner date at 1800hrs but on a work day. Usually, I leave work at 1715hrs so it’s impossible for me to go back home to freshen up. I had to find an alternative. I have always hated toilet paper because of its harshness, toughness and its irritating nature. Don’t ask me to try the super soft ones because I did and the result? The doctor said it had a fragrance or dye that triggered an allergic reaction on the skin around my dude parts. It crumbled as I wiped and left itty bitty pieces of paper on me which caused itchiness. There was no way I was going to ruin my date, so I went on a search on the Internet and discovered Dude wipes. I had to try them- anything but tissue.

Features of Dude Wipes

Dude wipes saved my day. these are specifically for men to clean up their dude regions but can other too.

CONVENIENT PACKAGING. Dude Wipes are packaged in two different ways. Those that are individually wrapped which I find very convenient since they easily fit into your pocket. Whether I am travelling, in the gym or in the office, I can always have a wet wipe. The others are in a 48- count dispenser and I find them good for public use or in my bathroom at home.
DUDE SIZED. These wipes are 25% larger than the average flushable wet wipes making it easy and fast to clean my dude parts.

FRAGRANCE FREE. Dude wipes are fragrance free so I don’t get a butt packed with lavender scent. They are instead loaded with naturally soothing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E which is especially good for sensitive skins. Ever since I began using Dude wipes I haven’t had any allergic reactions. I feel fresher every time I leave the bathroom.

However, the new pack I bought recently seems a little bit off, the naturally soothing Aloe Vera scent is gone. At first, I thought I bought an expired batch but when I used it to clean up, I realized the quality had changed. Previously, it was thick but now it’s lighter and falls apart easily. If you were used to the previous ones, you will have to use several to achieve the same level of satisfaction.

Wrap up on Dude Wipes

I can say that before Dude Wipes, I dreaded the bathroom. It’s like they sparked in me a flame and I started enjoying it all over again. I no longer have to worry about any hygiene mess I make. I can confidently say that it is the best product so far released for the male world. This last batch was just a mistake that most companies make in their growth stage. So let’s give them another chance and continue treating our dude parts like the king of the throne.


What are the Best flushable wipes for septic system

Flushable Wipes friendly to your septic system

You have already heard that using wet wipes rather than toilet paper to wipe your butt is probably the wisest thing that you should be doing. But why? Toilet paper is hard, does not wipe your bum clean and even after wiping you are left with a whiff of shitty odor. At the same time, if you are not careful, you might end up hurting your butt as you wipe it with the hard, tough paper. So, what should you be doing? Wiping your butt with your hand like what the Arabs do? Well, that could be one of the ways but if you feel that it is not the best way, then you could try the best flushable wipes for septic system.

Yes, I know you are wondering whether even such a thing exists as flushable wipes that will actually not block your septic system. But hey, the truth is that there exists such a thing. In this post, I will explain how that works.

Flushable wet wipes are designed such that when you flush, they will take approximately 30 to 60 minutes to actually disintegrate. Yes, I know you are seeing that as a long time but hey, it is not long considering that when you are leaving the toilet, you will be feeling flesh, clean and really sanitized. Most of these wipes are fragrance free because they know that you do not want to go with a scent after going to the toilet, they are also smooth to your butt and alcohol free thus they do not cause any form of irritations.

Some of the best adult flushable wipes that I have seen on Amazon include:

Cottonelle Flushable Wipes

The cottonelle wipes are fragrance free, large enough to cover your butt and actually biodegradable when you flush. They are alcohol free so you can use on babies or even adults without the fear that they will irritate your skin.

Scott Wet Wipes

The Scott wet wipes are also mildly scented, do flush and are a great pick if you are having trouble using the toilet paper.

Dude Wet Wipes

The story of how dude wet wipes were invented was very amusing. Some guy goes to the toilet and after emptying his bowels, he finds that they are out of toilet paper. But next to the toilet seat is some baby wet wipes (unflushable, you should note). Since he does not know what to do, he does what every normal human being would do, he uses the baby wet wipes and hopes that nobody catches him doing it.

After doing so, he feels so fresh and it dawns on him that is the reason why kids are so lively and feel clean after being wiped. What follows is the journey to make dude wet wipes that though designed for men can also be used for women as well as children. They are large enough and come in great designed packages that is discrete enough so that no one knows what you just got.


Preventing your patient from falls in bed

When working in hospices or home care for invalid patients, all caution should be taken that the patient is safe. One of the commonest things that happen with these patients is that they either fall in their sleep or are feeling too much contained in the bed space that they end up falling as they wander away. This especially happens in the morning. So getting a bed rail for these people is of extreme importance.

Advantages of bed rails in hospital bed

Bed rails help prevent patient from falls. Dementia patients love wandering away all the time. So they will wake up and want to go away. As they do so, they might end up falling from the bed to the hard floor causing injuries and this could lead to more time in bed than you had thought it would take them.

Bed railings for seniors prevent wandering away. Picture this: you have a patient who wants to go away from you. Maybe they are having mental problems and they feel entrapped or caged with you. So they are looking for a way out. With rails, they are able to be withheld temporarily before you come and see to it that they do not leave the house.

Rails create independence in toddler who are just leaving the cot and starting to sleep in an adult bed. With the rails, they will not fall and still enjoy the comfort of a bed.

Disadvantages of bed rails

They might lead to entrapment. A condition where when the patient gets entrapped either between the rail spaces or split rails as they try to stand. Entrapment can even cause death or heavy injuries.

At the same time, bed rails especially when they are metallic and bare can cause injuries to seizure patients who are having head tremors. As they get the seizure fits, they will tremble hitting their heads and body parts against the rails and become injured.