I am a movie guy. Every weekend that I am able to be free, I make sure that I watch a movie. And what better way to spend a weekend than watch a movie about a topic that I am enthusiastic about. I have been working with autistic children at a special needs centre in Kenya and I have met so many kids who are on the autism spectrum disorder. So when the opportunity presented itself for me to watch Atypical, I binge watched season 1 and shortly after watched season 2.

I am always late on movies. So I did not watch it when it was showing on the telly. No, I had to buy it from the movie guys in my area. So they recommend it to me knowing very well that I am interested in the topic. And that sees me watching it and I can now say that it is one of the best netflix movies on autism that you will ever land your hands on.

The movie involves a high school going kid, Sam Gardner who is on the spectrum. Sam is 18 years and has decided to start dating (as well as having sex). This makes the whole family transition as they all help Sam to get a girl.

Sam’s social interactional skills are bad. He had mind blindness and rarely empathizes with anyone. He will speak his mind and be so honest that at most times, it hurts.

Successes of the movie

The movie would help people who do not know about autism have a clue on it as well as understand those that are on the spectrum.

It encourages behavioral and speech therapy for people who are on the spectrum.

It is a story of resilience and persistence for both Sam and his parents.

It encourages fathers not to be absentee parents as this affects the growth of their kids. And in a case like that of Sam who has autism, we see how when Doug mans up, how the boy is able to transform

Failures of the movie

It is based on so many stereotypes on autistic people such as that they are non-empathetic and too honest, that they are savants who are so bright. It also uses Sam who is a highly functioning autistic kid. This is not always the case in many homes.

There is nobody who is autistic in the lead team of the series; neither the actors nor the directors.