Bed Wetting Solutions for Your Toddler

While it might not bother infants, toddlers might feel a little bit ashamed when they wake up everyday to a wet bed and pants.

They might want to help it but they simply cannot. And so every morning, they are a little bit self conscious of the wetness surrounding their crotch.

At times, they might want to blame their siblings saying that they are responsible for not only wetting the shared bed but also wetting their clothes.

And so it becomes drama after drama.

Every single day.

Parents though can take control of things by doing the following:

  • No drinks after 3.00pm

Drinks such as coffee, tea, juice and water should be taken in high quantities during the day and avoided anytime from 3.00pm.

While the kid might demand that you serve them a cup of tea because daddy is also taking it at 9.00pm, do kindly deny them while explaining why you are doing it.

  • Good absorbent pull ups

If you have thrown the towel and let nature take its course, then do not simply give up. Your kid still deserves a fighting chance. They also want their confidence intact and were they to wake up to a dry bed and pants, they would surely be really jolly.

What about getting them some high absorbent overnight pull up pants. One cool thing about these pull ups for heavy wetters is that they do not feel like diapers. Neither do they look like pee absorbency products.

So your child is going to be sleeping peacefully, wetting the bed nonchalantly and waking up to a dry bed. They will not feel at all embarrassed in the morning.

And what’s more? The pull up resembles a pant so they will feel like big boys and girls who have overgrown the diaper.

  • Bathroom visit just before bed

Just before your child goes to bed, encourage them to visit the bathroom to pee so that they have an empty bladder just before they retire to bed. While some people say that the kid should be taken for bathroom breaks in the midst of their sleep, health experts have said that this is not okay as it encourages the kid to continue relieving their bladder while still sleeping.

This would not contain the bed wetting habit.

  • Be encouraging and do not punish

Kids do not urinate on the bed out of their own volition.

It just happens and everyone has been there.

You too were a bed wetter.

So, everytime your kid does not wet the bed, encourage them and be their number one fan. And what about when they wake up to a wet bed? Encourage them still. Tell them that you too were there and they will surely get out of it.