How to care for leather shoes

Leather is very durable but without proper care of leather shoes, it shortens the durability and also distorts the general appearance of the shoe. Leather makes the best shoe to wear with walking boot. Lack of conditioning and care makes leather dry out resulting to cracks then falling apart making the shoes unsightly. Coating them with a layer of polish once in a while helps but you also have to keep them clean and protect them from harsh weather conditions.


 Important products for leather shoe care

Most of these products can be purchased at your local shoe repair shops, hardware stores and shoe stores. Make sure to buy good quality products that won’t be harsh on your shoes. Shoe shiners can also help you out if you are afraid of messing them up but for a fee.

For a shoe cleaning session you will need the following items;

  • Gloves
  • Soft shoe brush
  • Newspapers
  • Soft cotton cloth
  • Shoe polish
  • Leather conditioner
  • Weatherproof product (leather protector)


Cleaning leather shoes procedure

Start by wearing gloves to protect your hands because some of the products found in the polish may be toxic. Lay out the newspapers to protect your working surfaces and ensure that the room is well ventilated to allow free circulation of air.

Remove the dust or mud using leather cleaner specifically designed for soft leather and a soft bristle brush paying key attention to the crevices and cracks.

After you are done cleaning, allow them to dry then shin them using a soft cotton cloth like an old t-shirt.


Conditioning leather shoes

Ingredients found in the conditioner moisturize the leather membrane preventing it from cracking which is caused by drying out. When purchasing the conditioner, choose one that is designed for soft leather mainly a natural conditioner which gets fully absorbed by the leather. Synthetic conditioners basically sits on top of the surface of the shoe thus getting wiped off after a while.

Rub in a generous amount moving in circular motions until the whole shoe is covered. Then wipe the excess polish from the shoe and let it set for the leather to absorb a much as it needs for dehydration.


Polishing leather shoes

Shoes polishes exist in three forms: liquid, pastes or creams. Liquid polishes have the shortest durability and also in limited colors while the pastes last longer but are really messy to work with. So basically opt for creams because they have the longest durability, are available in many colors and are really easy to work with. Select the appropriate color for your leather shoes then apply a little amount to see whether it matches. If it does, rub in some more till the whole shoe is covered and move to the next. Allow it to fully dry then buff using a cloth or soft brush to shine.


Protecting leather shoes

Weatherproofing leather shoes generally protect them from water and other harmful elements which break down the leather shortening its durability. Beeswax products and spray protectants are ideal for protecting the leather from mild or moderate wet conditions and dirt.




Forget about a Manual Pump, Best Electric Pump is the Real Deal

The biggest reason for you to express your milk may be to make sure that your baby can be fed with your milk even when you are not around. Having a simple electric breast pump thus makes it easier for you to express your milk.

Reasons why you should go for a best electric pump

-You can express your breast pump milk faster thus saving time and effort required is less when compared to using manual pumps.

-On placing the cup on your breast the milk is automatically pumped at the pace you have set unlike manual pump thus saving you from hurting your hands.

-It is perfect if you need to express more often especially if you are an employed mum or you have more than one child to breastfeed since enough milk is expressed at a shorter time.

-Apart from mains-operated pumps, battery powered pumps are also available making it easier to express when you are not near a socket.

-There are some pumps with beneficial adjustable features such  as double-pumping which enables you pump from  your breasts at the same time, adjustable suction levels, more than one number of sucks per minute and a tailored suction than helps mimic the sucking pattern of your baby.

-It is also flexible as you can hire hospital-grade pumps saving you the cost of purchasing one.

-It is more comfortable as it comes with multiple settings therefore you can choose what you like since they come in different models.

However the electric pumps have some downsides as stated below:

-They are very expensive compared to manual breast pumps.

-While using them they tend to make a lot of noise than other pumps making it difficult to express near the baby when asleep.

-They are always heavy to carry though there are lightweight pumps you can choose from.

-A plug socket is compulsory when using a mains-operated which may not be of help when not near it.

-They can be very hard to sterilize as they seem complicated.

Below are features you should always look for in an electric pump

-The vacuum should be adjustable for comfort whenever you are expressing.

-It should be able to suck more times in a minute than a manual pump.

-A double-pump important to enable you express from both breasts to save you time especially if you are expressing for more than a single feed. This also boosts production of milk by ensuring that both breasts are emptied.

-The model should be easy to use, clean and assemble. If you want one to carry around then consider getting one with a case.

Follow the following steps when using it:

-Read the instructions carefully to familiarize with the model.

-Wash your hands and ensure the breast pump parts are clean.

-A private place is suitable to make you relax and trigger hormones releasing more milk..

-Place and hold the assembled shields on your breasts making sure the nipples are attached to it and can be easy to adjust.

-Turn on the machine and adjust to the speed you are comfortable with.

-If the flow of the milk reduces then you might turn off the pump and remove the shields.

-Use soap and warm water to wash all the pieces and put them out to dry.

-If the milk is to be used in not more than six hours then leave it in the room temperature but store them in a freezer if it will be used later.


Battle ropes benefits

Irrespective of whether you want to burn some calories or want to build some strength, you can definitely get a great workout with a conditioning rope.

Once you get yourself one of the best battle ropes to buy, here are some of the benefits you will enjoy during and after using the rope.

Easy on joints

Battle ropes are good for cardiovascular exercises. However, unlike most other cardio workouts conditioning rope workouts are of low impact. Therefore, you will not experience pain on your knees or elbows after a workout. This is unlike doing a cardio activity such as running or jumping on a box.

Building a mental fortress

Most sports require more than just the physical fitness. One needs to have the right mental strength so as to push oneself beyond the comfort zone. In the use of a battle rope, doing a workout such as waves for just 30 seconds is not easy. It requires one to be mentally prepared.

And as you increase the workout times to maybe a minute per set, then your mental strength grows by the day and you’ll find it easier to push yourself in whichever sport you play.


Battle ropes can be used in so many different ways. You can use them for a full workout, as a warm up for your main workout or as a warm down after you’re done with your main routine for the day.

And this is not all. There are many workouts that you can enjoy with a fitness rope. And hence, you can focus on different parts of the body. For instance, you can do waves to work the arms, you can do start jumps while holding a fitness rope’s handles, or you can pull the rope while in a plank position.

And these are just a few examples of the workouts you can enjoy with a battle rope.


Why am I struggling with Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Erectile Dsyfunction (ED) is the worst condition that I would wish on my worst man enemy. It makes you feel worthless and useless to your wife.

Causes of ED

Doctors say that ED can be caused by various issues such as injury on your private parts, low testosterone levels or even emotional stress.

Whatever the cause, ED can break marriages apart and even lead to suicide on the part of the victim.

For one, you feel as though the whole world is against you. Whether you were talkative and chatty, you find yourself keeping mum like someone whose tongue has been split. Why?

It steals off your dignity and that is why I would wish no enemy of mine to be faced by the condition.

ED is self diagnoseable according to Gstatic. You do not need to go for imaging. No, you can tell that your dong is not rising to the occasion. Or maybe its rise is feeble and flabby.

So, how can it be treated?

Doctors say that ED caused by low testosterone levels can be averted by using certain medicine such as tribulus terrestris and d aspartic acid. A study reported by showed that men with low testostene levels and ED as one of the symptoms were healed after taking d aspartic acid and tribulus terrestris extracts.

Emotional stress

Be it domestic or work related, stress can make a man impotent and worthless down there. But how? Stress is caused by ahormone called cortisol. Now cortisol and testosterone are never friends. They are in constant fight. So, if cortisol goes up, testosterone goes down.

Testosterone is the sex hormone in men and helps them erect longer and harder. It is also responsible for their manly looks.


Sleep has been found to be a cure for many psychological and even physical ailments. When asleep you body is able to relax, recharge and get to optimal levels. During the day, you work out and this leads to lowered hormone levels. When asleep on the other hand, your hormones go their normal level.


Eating foods rich in magnesium, zinc and boron will help in controlling ED

Lower anxiety levels

Men with ED were also found to be very anxious during sex. They wanted to have a hard on but when it didn’t happen, they felt weak and unworthy and this led to emotional stress. And as such, recovering from ED would require that you stop being anxious.

Alcohol and drug abstinence

According to mayoclinic, drug abuse could lead to ED. So avoid them.


Acne: What you Need to Know About this Skin Condition and How to Treat It

What is Acne?

Acne is one of the most devastating skin conditions.  It is characterized by painful inflammations that mainly attack teenagers and adults. In most victims, it begins during adolescence and prolongs up to many years in adulthood.

About 90% of adolescents develop acne across the world.

Although the rate at which the disease manifests in men and women is almost the same during teenage years, more women continue to experience the condition until they get into their 40’s. The neck, face, back and upper arms are the main target areas of acne pimples.

What Causes Acne?

The pathogenesis of acne is linked to increased production of sebum in the human skin.  When excess sebum accumulates in the skin pores or hair follicles it leads to the formation of comedone.

Once bacterial action occurs in the sebaceous glands, it triggers the release of enzymes that cause an inflammatory response. Further research shows that there are numerous factors that can contribute to the formation of acne pimples. The main ones include are lifestyle choices and beauty products.


Basic factors such as the food we eat, exercises and water consumption are lifestyle choices that influence the condition of the skin. Excess proteins and oily foods can damage the condition of the skin. This is true especially for individuals with sensitive skin. Overdoing foods such as eggs can lead to severe breakouts. Exercises and consumption of enough water contributes to healthier skin.

How to Treat Acne?

Dermatologists advise people with acne-prone skin to combine relevant treatment methods with a healthy lifestyle. For example, eating foods that are rich in fruits and vegetables and drinking enough water daily can be very helpful. The most common treatment methods for acne include; use of skin care products such as healing clays, creams and essential oils, topical retinoids and antibiotics, and hormonal therapies.

Clays and creams are used to treat mild acne.


Phenq Weight Loss Pills

2018 is here and I presume top on your list of the new year resolutions is getting a well ripped body, toning up and getting a bikini body.

But as you and I know, it is never that easy to get that what you want. In weight loss and bodybuilding, you have to be ready to sacrifice things you loved. You have to give up so as to go up.

At the same time, you also know very well that exercising and dieting are not the most effective ways to get that shredded body. No,taking supplements also come into play. The question then is what you look for in your supplements. They could be:

=Anorectic supplements

Weight gain mostly comes from you eating more than your body needs. Unfortunately, we never know when to stop eating.

But how if you were able to only eat what you need. How if you were able to control your appetite. Well, anorectic supplements got your back as explained here

Infact most Hollywood stars use these supplements to help them lose weight. The likes of Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian have all used these anorectic pills to control their appetite while keeping their metabolism intact. Yes, they are infact the supplements celebrities use to get ripped

=Postnatal fat burners

After pregnancy women find they have gained so much and as such need to lose the pot bellies, love handles and slim their abs. Postpartum weight loss pills is the way to go.

=Metabolism enhancers

To lose weight, one can also boost their metabolism so as to incinerate fat.

Today, we look at weight loss pills that will get you shredding away all those fatty tissues. So here we go with phenq weight loss pills reviews which proved to be the best phenq weight loss pills.

We will first look at phenq weight loss ingredients.


You see that it contains among others: silicon dioxide, piperine extract and chromium picolinate. All these are organic fat burners.



The phenq pills great for weight loss




Phenq pills work by incinerating all the fats in your body making you leaner and healthier.


Tips on Keeping Your Car in Perfect Condition

According to the Autoptical blog, keeping your auto in the perfect condition is not an impossible task

Why? All you need to do is:



Clean clean clean

But not the typical car wash clean only. No, you need to do more.

Use a tar remover at least once in a month.

Wax it till it gleams with shine.

Wheels need to be kept dust and mud free. If they aren’t you could be making your brake system be at risk of being nonfunctional.

Fix broken parts

Tighten any loose bolts and nuts.


The Ultimate Home lighting Solution

Do you want to do an overall makeover to your home and give it a new look? Then we got your lighting and aeration covered. We have the best ceiling fans with lights to give your home that wow look. Here are a few ceiling fans with lighting that we covered for you. This ceiling fan with lighting is perfect for a living room. It matches with almost every décor in your home. This light will add value to your home as well and it will play a huge part in making it an easy sale. Your visitors will also like it and you will forever get compliments about it. If you love some more fresh air, then this double fan with light is for you. It does not only match with your house interior design it also makes it look elegant. This is a wonderful addition for a game room that has little or no aeration. Finally we have the ultimate game room ceiling pool light with lights. And game room without this light is missing out. You get excellent lighting on the pool table or any other table that you have in your game room and excellent air conditioning. With this addition you are good to go and every player will prefer coming to your residence. If you have a bar game room, then patrons will always like it in there because of the perfect gaming environment. billiard table light Conclusion These lights are not only perfect for the game room, you can add them to your kitchen for a perfect look. If you have a laundry room and a high dining room, then these additions will give you a huge boost.