Choosing the right golf grip is an art that Every Golfer Need to Master

People pay so much attention to other things about golf and fail to capture one very important thing; the golf grip which can either make or break your play. Size is the most important aspect that you need to look at even before you go to the aesthetics, performance or even comfort.  Take an improper fit and it will cost you three to five strokes every round that you play. And when you have impeccable players to battle with, you can imagine how behind this sets you every time. Pick a small size and you will find yourself somehow pulling the ball as well as using some extra action so as to hit the target and push the ball. Pick an extra-large grip and things are no better; you will be limiting wrist pronation and you will be pushing your shots rather too far.

Other than grip material, other factors that you should pay attention to include:

  • Grip material

When you talk about grip material, you have either rubber or sythentic material to choose from. When picking the best golf grips material, you want something that is durable and that is going to give you some true value for your money, don’t you? You do not want a grip material that is going wear out easily necessitating that you go again to your golf stores to buy yet another grip, do you?

If you are playing in humid areas or let’s say that you are the sweaty hands type, then you will also want a grip that has a weave where you hold it firmly without it slipping away. It could also be giving you that tacky, firm grip so that the humidity does not make you lose out on shots.

  • Surface texture and are you wearing some golf gloves?

When it comes to the texture of your golf grip, you want something that is not too smooth that it is slipping away and at the same time, you do not want one that is too coarse and abrasive that you can feel it almost cutting into your palm. But if you have some golf gloves, then the whole narrative changes. I would advise that you take up some rough textured grip because with your equally good gloves, you are not going to feel any discomfort while holding it and at the same time, you have that tacky, abrasive grip that the tough texture provides you with.

  • Firmness of the grip

The grip firmness plays a key role in giving you traction over your game. Too firm though might be uncomfortable and as such you have to strike a balance between the firmness and the performance of the grip. Basically, there are three choices that you pick from

1. A soft grip is what most beginners want. It is soft on their wrists and therefore comfortable. It will not however give you good traction on the game and you could find yourself losing just because you are not on top of your game.

2. The medium grip is the most common among most people who know the importance of striking a good balance between comfort and performance.

3. The firm grip is mostly for people who are playing in rather damp places, humid or have sweaty arms and want a very tacky grip without caring about the discomfort that this might cause.