Dude Wet Wipes

How I First Heard of Dude Wipes

A few days ago, my crush finally agreed to a dinner date at 1800hrs but on a work day. Usually, I leave work at 1715hrs so it’s impossible for me to go back home to freshen up. I had to find an alternative. I have always hated toilet paper because of its harshness, toughness and its irritating nature. Don’t ask me to try the super soft ones because I did and the result? The doctor said it had a fragrance or dye that triggered an allergic reaction on the skin around my dude parts. It crumbled as I wiped and left itty bitty pieces of paper on me which caused itchiness. There was no way I was going to ruin my date, so I went on a search on the Internet and discovered Dude wipes. I had to try them- anything but tissue.

Features of Dude Wipes

Dude wipes saved my day. these are specifically for men to clean up their dude regions but can other too.

CONVENIENT PACKAGING. Dude Wipes are packaged in two different ways. Those that are individually wrapped which I find very convenient since they easily fit into your pocket. Whether I am travelling, in the gym or in the office, I can always have a wet wipe. The others are in a 48- count dispenser and I find them good for public use or in my bathroom at home.
DUDE SIZED. These wipes are 25% larger than the average flushable wet wipes making it easy and fast to clean my dude parts.

FRAGRANCE FREE. Dude wipes are fragrance free so I don’t get a butt packed with lavender scent. They are instead loaded with naturally soothing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E which is especially good for sensitive skins. Ever since I began using Dude wipes I haven’t had any allergic reactions. I feel fresher every time I leave the bathroom.

However, the new pack I bought recently seems a little bit off, the naturally soothing Aloe Vera scent is gone. At first, I thought I bought an expired batch but when I used it to clean up, I realized the quality had changed. Previously, it was thick but now it’s lighter and falls apart easily. If you were used to the previous ones, you will have to use several to achieve the same level of satisfaction.

Wrap up on Dude Wipes

I can say that before Dude Wipes, I dreaded the bathroom. It’s like they sparked in me a flame and I started enjoying it all over again. I no longer have to worry about any hygiene mess I make. I can confidently say that it is the best product so far released for the male world. This last batch was just a mistake that most companies make in their growth stage. So let’s give them another chance and continue treating our dude parts like the king of the throne.