Why am I struggling with Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Erectile Dsyfunction (ED) is the worst condition that I would wish on my worst man enemy. It makes you feel worthless and useless to your wife.

Causes of ED

Doctors say that ED can be caused by various issues such as injury on your private parts, low testosterone levels or even emotional stress.

Whatever the cause, ED can break marriages apart and even lead to suicide on the part of the victim.

For one, you feel as though the whole world is against you. Whether you were talkative and chatty, you find yourself keeping mum like someone whose tongue has been split. Why?

It steals off your dignity and that is why I would wish no enemy of mine to be faced by the condition.

ED is self diagnoseable according to Gstatic. You do not need to go for imaging. No, you can tell that your dong is not rising to the occasion. Or maybe its rise is feeble and flabby.

So, how can it be treated?

Doctors say that ED caused by low testosterone levels can be averted by using certain medicine such as tribulus terrestris and d aspartic acid. A study reported by showed that men with low testostene levels and ED as one of the symptoms were healed after taking d aspartic acid and tribulus terrestris extracts.

Emotional stress

Be it domestic or work related, stress can make a man impotent and worthless down there. But how? Stress is caused by ahormone called cortisol. Now cortisol and testosterone are never friends. They are in constant fight. So, if cortisol goes up, testosterone goes down.

Testosterone is the sex hormone in men and helps them erect longer and harder. It is also responsible for their manly looks.


Sleep has been found to be a cure for many psychological and even physical ailments. When asleep you body is able to relax, recharge and get to optimal levels. During the day, you work out and this leads to lowered hormone levels. When asleep on the other hand, your hormones go their normal level.


Eating foods rich in magnesium, zinc and boron will help in controlling ED

Lower anxiety levels

Men with ED were also found to be very anxious during sex. They wanted to have a hard on but when it didn’t happen, they felt weak and unworthy and this led to emotional stress. And as such, recovering from ED would require that you stop being anxious.

Alcohol and drug abstinence

According to mayoclinic, drug abuse could lead to ED. So avoid them.