What are the Best flushable wipes for septic system

Flushable Wipes friendly to your septic system

You have already heard that using wet wipes rather than toilet paper to wipe your butt is probably the wisest thing that you should be doing. But why? Toilet paper is hard, does not wipe your bum clean and even after wiping you are left with a whiff of shitty odor. At the same time, if you are not careful, you might end up hurting your butt as you wipe it with the hard, tough paper. So, what should you be doing? Wiping your butt with your hand like what the Arabs do? Well, that could be one of the ways but if you feel that it is not the best way, then you could try the best flushable wipes for septic system.

Yes, I know you are wondering whether even such a thing exists as flushable wipes that will actually not block your septic system. But hey, the truth is that there exists such a thing. In this post, I will explain how that works.

Flushable wet wipes are designed such that when you flush, they will take approximately 30 to 60 minutes to actually disintegrate. Yes, I know you are seeing that as a long time but hey, it is not long considering that when you are leaving the toilet, you will be feeling flesh, clean and really sanitized. Most of these wipes are fragrance free because they know that you do not want to go with a scent after going to the toilet, they are also smooth to your butt and alcohol free thus they do not cause any form of irritations.

Some of the best adult flushable wipes that I have seen on Amazon include:

Cottonelle Flushable Wipes

The cottonelle wipes are fragrance free, large enough to cover your butt and actually biodegradable when you flush. They are alcohol free so you can use on babies or even adults without the fear that they will irritate your skin.

Scott Wet Wipes

The Scott wet wipes are also mildly scented, do flush and are a great pick if you are having trouble using the toilet paper.

Dude Wet Wipes

The story of how dude wet wipes were invented was very amusing. Some guy goes to the toilet and after emptying his bowels, he finds that they are out of toilet paper. But next to the toilet seat is some baby wet wipes (unflushable, you should note). Since he does not know what to do, he does what every normal human being would do, he uses the baby wet wipes and hopes that nobody catches him doing it.

After doing so, he feels so fresh and it dawns on him that is the reason why kids are so lively and feel clean after being wiped. What follows is the journey to make dude wet wipes that though designed for men can also be used for women as well as children. They are large enough and come in great designed packages that is discrete enough so that no one knows what you just got.