Forget about a Manual Pump, Best Electric Pump is the Real Deal

The biggest reason for you to express your milk may be to make sure that your baby can be fed with your milk even when you are not around. Having a simple electric breast pump thus makes it easier for you to express your milk.

Reasons why you should go for a best electric pump

-You can express your breast pump milk faster thus saving time and effort required is less when compared to using manual pumps.

-On placing the cup on your breast the milk is automatically pumped at the pace you have set unlike manual pump thus saving you from hurting your hands.

-It is perfect if you need to express more often especially if you are an employed mum or you have more than one child to breastfeed since enough milk is expressed at a shorter time.

-Apart from mains-operated pumps, battery powered pumps are also available making it easier to express when you are not near a socket.

-There are some pumps with beneficial adjustable features such  as double-pumping which enables you pump from  your breasts at the same time, adjustable suction levels, more than one number of sucks per minute and a tailored suction than helps mimic the sucking pattern of your baby.

-It is also flexible as you can hire hospital-grade pumps saving you the cost of purchasing one.

-It is more comfortable as it comes with multiple settings therefore you can choose what you like since they come in different models.

However the electric pumps have some downsides as stated below:

-They are very expensive compared to manual breast pumps.

-While using them they tend to make a lot of noise than other pumps making it difficult to express near the baby when asleep.

-They are always heavy to carry though there are lightweight pumps you can choose from.

-A plug socket is compulsory when using a mains-operated which may not be of help when not near it.

-They can be very hard to sterilize as they seem complicated.

Below are features you should always look for in an electric pump

-The vacuum should be adjustable for comfort whenever you are expressing.

-It should be able to suck more times in a minute than a manual pump.

-A double-pump important to enable you express from both breasts to save you time especially if you are expressing for more than a single feed. This also boosts production of milk by ensuring that both breasts are emptied.

-The model should be easy to use, clean and assemble. If you want one to carry around then consider getting one with a case.

Follow the following steps when using it:

-Read the instructions carefully to familiarize with the model.

-Wash your hands and ensure the breast pump parts are clean.

-A private place is suitable to make you relax and trigger hormones releasing more milk..

-Place and hold the assembled shields on your breasts making sure the nipples are attached to it and can be easy to adjust.

-Turn on the machine and adjust to the speed you are comfortable with.

-If the flow of the milk reduces then you might turn off the pump and remove the shields.

-Use soap and warm water to wash all the pieces and put them out to dry.

-If the milk is to be used in not more than six hours then leave it in the room temperature but store them in a freezer if it will be used later.