Fun Sensory Activities for climbers

Once they realize that they can move around, toddlers want to always be in motion. Long gone are the days when you would have to roll them in their cots. No, they have discovered that they can walk, climb, run and jog around. They therefore want to make the best use of this opportunity.

And so you will always be complaining and ranting with the kid not paying attention to what you are saying. They just want to be on the move, Jumping. Running and climbing. It could be dangerous but they do not really care.

For children with autism and ADHD, the situation is even grimmer. They are always on the move. And it gives them comfort to do so. So they will jump on your couches destroying them. They will also want to climb on your bookshelves and clothes cabinets no matter how dangerous some of these activities really are.

So what activities should sensory climbing kids be put into if you want to calm them down for a bit

  • Bouncing off on the trampoline

The trampoline has for long been used to help kids use up pent up energy while at the same time being a good sensory activity for kids on the autism spectrum disorder. Studies have shown that the trampoline helps with muscle development as well as get the child more aware of their body. It also fosters motor skills.

While buying a personal indoor mini trampoline might be expensive, you could always go to a park trampoline and have fun while out there. But make sure that your child is safe while jumping on the park trampoline.

  • Running

Running is a great activity that will get your child tired and at the same time using most of the pent up energy that they had.

  • Swimming

Swimming is a fun activity for your child that when learned could form part of a great fun activity for the entire family when you go out to swim with your kid.

  • Rolling on safe places

You could ask your kid to roll on soft padded places such as on the bed. You could also get a foam carpet so that your child rolls out on it.

  • Climbing on holds

While it might not be possible to go for mountain or hill climbing activities, you could install climbing holds in your home so that your child will be climbing on them. The activity gets them really jolly while at the same time providing the proprioceptive and vestibular input that they were looking for.

  • Jogging

Yes, though you are not trying to get them to lose weight, jogging is a good exercise that will tire your child. You could also ask them to help them around activities in the house. They could for example carry books and laundry around the house. The activity will make them glad that they were involved around the house while at the same time helping them spend some of the excess energy bottled up in those small bodies.