Camping can be an excellent distraction from the usual family routine of trips abroad and sandy beaches. For an out of the world camping experience, you will need the right tent to suit all of your needs.

The reason campers prefer cabin tents is that they have walled structures that look like a cabin for ultimate privacy and space. The tents are generally comfortable, and they offer enough space to allow you to walk freely in the tent.

Why you should get a cabin tent with a screened porch

Cabin tents with screened porches are very versatile, and they come in various designs. These tents usually have a floor area that prevents rain from running on the ground to your sleeping areas. They also provide enough space for kids to play in as well as a storage area for your equipment.

Imagine spending some quality time on a porch over a fizzy drink in the summer or warm cocoa over the winter? The screened porches are more enjoyable because they provide space for you and your loved ones to bond away from the irritating mosquito attacks. Screened porches are made using mesh, which translates to additional airflow for optimum comfort.

Things to consider when choosing a cabin tent with screened porch

When you are out selecting a tent, the following are some of the factors you should keep in mind:

Large size

To get the right cabin tent, you will need to know how many people will be using it. Luckily, cabin tents are widely available, making it easy for you to choose the right size as per your needs.  They are roomy enough to accommodate a large family, as well as your gear.

 If you need separate rooms, the cabin tent will offer you all the privacy you need. Space allows you to enjoy spending time inside the tent. Besides this, consider the height to avoid stooping when you are walking around. 

Easy Set up

Cabin tents are large and bulky; however, they should be easily portable.  A tent that is easy to set up reduces the amount of time you use up and the trouble of transporting it.


The fabric should be water-resistant and well-sealed to avoid water leaks. Canvas material is hardwearing and thus very suitable and long-lasting. The canvas tents are a little more costly than tents made from other materials, but their durability makes them worth every penny.

Protection from elements

The whole point of getting a tent is to ensure that you get a taste of the outdoors while protected from natural elements such as wind rain, thunder, and wind.  You will need to select a good quality cabin tent that offers you and your loved ones enough protection.


When looking for the best cabin tents with screened porches, you will need to consider all that you want your tent to provide.  For the camping enthusiasts, getting a cabin tent with a screened porch is important. The above-detailed factors should help you find the perfect fit for your needs.