Possible causes of urinary incontinence and how to live with it

Urinary incontinence is a condition whereby you are unable to control your bladder and so you urinate on yourself involuntarily. Normally, when urine flows from the kidneys to the bladder, the brain is supposed to be notified that your bladder is full and this makes you get an urge to go to the washroom in order to relieve it. However, people who have incontinence either do not get this message from the brain or they get it when it is too late. So in this article, we try to explore the possible causes of urinary incontinence.

1. Pregnant women who are almost giving birth may face urinary incontinence
When a woman is pregnant and almost due delivery, the foetus will exert lots of pressure on the muscles of the pelvic floor which decreases the volume of your urine bladder. This makes the woman have incontinence even before the brain can get a message that the bladder is full.

2. Obesity is a leading cause of incontinence
Just like pregnancy, obese people have extra weight exerting presure on the bladder which make its volume small so that they will pee even before the brain gets a message that the bladder is full. Weight loss has been found to modify this condition.

3. Lifestyle diseases such as diabetes
At its worst stage, diabetes numbs your nerves such that you never know when your bladder is full or not. Therefore, your brain never gets the message that your bladder is full and so you will be finding yourself peeing on yourself involuntarily.

Having to battle with urinary incontinence is a tough battle that needs resilience and creativity. It is really embarrassing and if you are not ready, you will have yourself battling with self confidence very soon. So the best way to battle urinary incontinence is to first accept that you have it and then seek medical intervention.

If the doctor says that the condition is permanent, then you better get acquainted with incontinence products as soon as possible that are going to make your life hassle free without you going around stinking of urine odor or wet on your pants.