What does your bra color say about you?

We already spoke about pumps for moms and today we talk about another topic surrounding the same, bra color.

Apparently, there is much more to bra colors than we think. Personally, I have always preferred black bras because they work so well with almost everything I wear. Furthermore, they do not appear so visible from the outside when worn with brightly colored tops and dresses.  But that is just me. You probably like another color and I am sure you have your own reasons.

I will start with black because it is my favorite. Research shows that a black bra is liked by the ambitious and mysterious women. Yes! You got it, and it sounds like my true definition. These women are go getters and their sense of smile is quite sophisticated. It also signifies elegance. You can never go wrong with a black bra. Whether you wear it with a red, yellow, white or blue panties, it compliments well.

White bras are liked by the fairly innocent women. These women are always on a go slow mood and them like simplicity more than anything else. White bra is also a certified symbol of purity. Al least now you know the color to wear on your wedding day.

A red bra is a sexy bra. It is commonly loved by women whose personalities ooze with passion. From a different angle, the red color also signifies dominance. Individuals with this trait always try to take the lead position in everything they do. From simple household duties to career and bed moments, they are always at the top of their game.

Pink color is feminine and so are pink bras. I am sure you have seen women decorate the bedrooms of their baby girls with pink items (Teddy bears, drawings, blankets, etc). Pink nurtures girlish tendencies. It makes one feel playful, soft and tender. It also symbolizes hope and optimism. Now you know which bra to wear and when to wear it.